Sanivar modernises UK gas pipeline rehabilitation with SaniLine technology

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Leading UK manufacturer Sanivar has introduced SaniLine® technology to the UK, offering a new pipeline rehabilitation method to the industrial gas market.

After more than 20 years of successful use across Europe, SaniLine offers a robust and cost-effective solution to asset life extension across UK gas pipelines.

The innovative trenchless solution consists of a highly resistant polyester-yarn textile liner with a polyurethane or polyethylene coating. The versatile liner ranges in size from DN 80 – DN 800, and is approved for water, sewage, industrial applications, gas and oil.

The liner can navigate 45-degree bends and withstand operating pressures of up to 16 bar. The solution uses a cold curing method that doesn’t require extra UV or other curing machinery, making it an environmentally friendly, long-lasting solution.

Tim Farley, Business Development Manager at Sanivar, said: “We are extremely proud to bring SaniLine to the UK as this specialist technology is something that has seen great success across Europe for many years.

“The trenchless pipe rehabilitation method is a great alternative to pipe replacement as it reduces the number of site excavations, reduces civils footprint making it a safer and much more cost-effective solution.”

Prior to its introduction to the UK the flexible solution was used to complete the rehabilitation of an existing gas pipe in the city of Wuppertal, Germany following a plan to increase its operating pressure.

While new pipes can generally accommodate a rise in pressure, older pipes need to be reinforced or replace. The existing gas pipe had also experienced multiple leaks, which for safety reasons needed to be rectified.

The pipe was successfully rehabilitated using SaniLine technology which strengthened and sealed the existing pipes, making a costly replacement unnecessary.

Sanivar products began development in Switzerland in the 1970s, in response to the need for robust repair products for pipelines carrying dry gas. Since then, Sanivar has innovated and expanded to produce high quality, Swiss-manufactured, PE-coated textile liners that will rehabilitate pipes carrying gas, potable water, petrochemicals, industrial water, drainage and sewage.

SaniLine has a 25 year providence in gas applications across Europe with over 50km of pipes refurbished across multiple locations.