German Pneumatics Engineering GmbH

German Pneumatics Engineering GmbH has almost 10 years’ experience as a specialist for the development and manufacturing of compressor solutions, along with the maintenance, supply of spare parts and reconditioning of turbo compressor units.

Diversified Well Logging

Diversified Well Logging’s mission is to ensure that drilling operations maximise their client’s production economics with its suite of high-tech drilling and geological monitoring tools. As the company celebrates its 70th anniversary, it simultaneously celebrates its robust, impressively diverse market position and service offerings that are technologically stronger than ever before.

Prime Drilling GmbH

German company Prime Drilling GmbH has spent over 20 years developing and manufacturing robust Horizontal Directional Drilling systems. International Sales and Service Director Ralf Kiesow related the history of the company and its range of robust, innovative rigs.

GPO Heavylift

Founded in 2014, Norway’s GPO Heavylift manages a fleet of bespoke, semi-submersible heavy lift vessels. The company specialises in carrying massive cargo loads across oceans to all corners of the globe.


A distinguished company within IC Holding, Treysan was established in 1975 in Ankara, Turkey. Treysan serves a range of industries – including the oil and gas, mining, construction, electrification sectors – whilst also working with a number of military organizations and relief organizations by providing a wide range of products with customised special prefabricated and containerised solutions. Jordan Yallop reports. 

Pressure Technologies plc

With a dominant presence in high-stakes pressure systems supply and over a century of market leadership, Chesterfield Special Cylinders remains one of only a few such companies worldwide in this challenging field.


With 25 years’ experience, Adicomp is a master of manufacturing advanced air and gas solutions for the gas industry. With an extensive repertoire of compressors, the company has a global reputation of producing tailor-made, turnkey projects.

Abu Dhabi Oilfield Services (ADOS)

Abu Dhabi Oilfield Services (ADOS) is a UAE-based technology and services provider to the oil and gas industry from upstream to end-user downstream. Andy Probert sat down with CEOZuhair Shehada to discuss the company’s evolution as lead support for local and international clients, and its growth ambitions.