SIA strengthens pipeline safety with innovative testing technology

Structural Integrity Associates (SIA), a leading engineering company with deep expertise in the analysis, control, and prevention of structural and mechanical failures, has adopted the PLX-Portable by Plastometrex, a leading provider of advanced mechanical testing solutions. The PLX-Portable will be available for deployment on SIA customer pipelines to deliver reliable and fast material verification data, with full results accessible immediately in the ditch.

An aging pipeline infrastructure coupled with an increasingly stringent regulatory environment is enhancing the demand for pipeline integrity management services across North America. SIA is committed to supporting the pipeline network maintenance requirements of oil and gas operators through the deployment of industry-leading integrity management services and state-of-the-art technologies.

In aid of this strategic aim, SIA’s recent investment in the PLX-Portable platform has enhanced their engineering and non-destructive evaluation (NDE) service offering. The technology uses an indentation-based test method to extract stress-strain curves from pipes, in-situ. This data is critical, as it enables pipeline operators to verify the pipeline material and to (subsequently) determine the maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) of their pipes, as mandated by the recent PHMSA ‘Mega Rule’ legislation.

The PLX-Portable system is powered by Plastometrex’s proprietary PIP (Profilometry-based Indentation Plastometry) technology, a test method already widely used by leading institutions and industry heavyweights like NASA, MIT, Air Liquide, and Babcock. SIA will now be offering the system to pipeline operators across North America, providing them with the most accurate method for verifying the mechanical properties of their aging pipeline infrastructure – allowing them to rapidly meet regulatory compliance requirements and to ensure the ongoing safety and performance of their mid-stream operations.

Roger Royer, NDE Strategic Leader at SIA said: “We always strive to offer world leading solutions to our valued customers, and through our extensive technical due diligence process, it was clear that Plastometrex brings the best combination of accuracy, ease of use, and technical support in the market. We are delighted to now offer the PLX-Portable to our mid-stream oil and gas customers across North America.”

Furthermore, to ensure SIA and the rest of its growing customer base in North America receive all the support they need, Plastometrex has recently established a US-subsidiary with headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Plastometrex CEO, Dr James Dean, had this to say about the news: “We are thrilled to welcome SIA as a customer and partner. From our customer-support base in Houston, we look forward to working closely with SIA, as they continue their excellent work in helping to keep North America’s pipelines well-maintained and operational.”

This collaboration enhances SIA’s capacity to address the rising pipeline testing demands in North America, combining advanced technology with strategic support, and reinforcing their commitment to the region’s oil and gas operators.

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