ScottishPower hits 3,000th heat pump milestone

Leading renewable energy company ScottishPower is quickening the pace to decarbonise homes as it installs 3,000 heat pumps across England, Scotland and Wales in just 18 months.

Residential properties account for 16% of the UK’s carbon emissions and heat pumps are recognised as a crucial solution to support the country’s march to Net Zero by moving our homes away from fossil fuel forms of heating.

Many of ScottishPower’s 3,000 installations, being installed at a rate of over 50 a week, have benefitted from the Government grants available to customers to help reduce the upfront costs, like the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS). It also includes those who’ve received heat pumps and other measures for free under the Government’s ECO4 scheme which is aimed at supporting low income and vulnerable households.

The milestone follows on from ScottishPower’s announcement earlier this month that it is taking part in a first-of-its-kind ‘Warm Home Prescription’ trial where local NHS authorities can identify low-income households where people live with health conditions that are sensitive to a cold or damp indoor environment and would benefit from warmer, healthier homes.

Working alongside the Energy Systems Catapult, the trial will see the installation of improved energy efficiency measures, such as upgraded or new home insulation and air source heat pumps, as part of ongoing efforts to support vulnerable customers living in homes with low Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings.

Andrew Ward, Chief Executive of ScottishPower’s customer business, said: “I’m thrilled to see us reach the 3,000 milestone of newly installed heat pumps across England, Wales and Scotland, making more and more homes warmer and healthier, particularly for those who are more vulnerable.

“Installing heat pumps alongside energy efficiency and insulation measures, helps not only to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions but can have a real positive impact on people’s energy bills and well-being too.

“There are over 23 million gas boilers in the UK, so the country has a mammoth task ahead of it. We are working hard to reach as many customers as possible, targeting those who need it most, and ensuring they can benefit from the well-established benefits of heat pump technology.

ScottishPower recently moved to double its heat pump installation capacity with the appointment of a second heat pump installation provider, Plug Me In, focusing on the Boiler Upgrade Scheme as demand for low carbon heating grows.

Government figures show demand for heat pumps is rising after the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero increased the heat pump grant available to households by 50%.   

Ofgem’s figures show a 93% increase in applications to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme since April 2023, with the average applications between November 2023 and April being made at 2,136 a month.

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