BCCK’S nitrogen recovery unit features environmentally friendly design

BCCK, a leader in engineering, procurement, fabrication and field construction services, has announced the receipt of an award of a NiTech® Style IV nitrogen rejection unit (NRU) in the Permian Basin.

The NRU will be designed to extract nitrogen from 125 MMSCFD residue gas from cryogenic gas processing facilities. The NRU incorporates BCCK’s latest Style IV NiTech® NRU technology in a modular skidded design that can handle compositional or flow capacity changes. BCCK’s design is a simple, non-complex process design which requires minimal operator attention.

Drew Schiller, Director of Business Development Gas Processing, BCCK, said: “We are happy to be supporting another great client with a BCCK NiTech® NRU in the Permian Basin. Our advanced nitrogen rejection technology paves the way to a less complex, more reliable and lower-cost design.”

Schiller added: “With the tightening of pipeline specifications due to the increasing global demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG), the NRU utilizes BCCK’s patented NiTech® technology that employs a traditional cryogenic distillation process with no cryogenic rotating equipment to reduce nitrogen in gas.”

As a complete solutions provider, BCCK’s NRU technology has also played a direct role in the drive for renewable energy solutions. With a smaller footprint, the unique design lowers greenhouse gas emissions for landfill gas projects and requires minimal operator attention.

BCCK specializes in full EPC projects including concept, engineering, design, fabrication, manufacturing and complete construction services. Providing full EPC services helps BCCK improve project economics by being a single-source provider for all stages of a project. BCCK is also the industry leader in nitrogen rejection with its proven NiTech® process. Headquartered in Midland, Texas, with a satellite engineering and sales office in The Woodlands, Texas, BCCK was founded in 1980 and holds numerous technology patents.