Buoyant Production Technologies and Petronas to jointly develop new technology to unlock challenging subsea tiebacks

Buoyant Production Technologies Ltd. (BPT), a subsidiary of Crondall Energy Ltd, and Petronas Research Sdn Bhd have together embarked on a Joint Industry Project to qualify new Floating NUI technology for deployment on offshore projects. 

The technology qualification process will allow unmanned floaters to be deployed offshore to both power and control subsea developments without the requirement for a long-distance static umbilical. This will transform the feasibility of longer distance oil and gas tieback projects and has the potential to significantly improve project economics and reduce overall project emissions.

BPT and Petronas have jointly developed the specification and qualification objectives for the demonstrator project. The engineering phase commenced in the summer of 2023 and the parties expect to commence fabrication in Q1 2024.

The small payload demonstrator unit will be installed at the FABTEST site offshore Falmouth harbour in the UK, in Q4 2024, followed by a comprehensive 12-month testing programme. The testing phase will demonstrate the performance of the floater and ability to remotely monitor and control this un-manned floating facility in a representative ocean environment. The project and technology qualification programme will be independently verified by a leading Classification Society. 

BPT and Petronas are now keen to invite other interested parties to join the JIP.

Buoyant Production Technologies Ltd. Managing Director, Duncan Peace, commented: “We are delighted to be working together with Petronas to bring this technology to market.   The combined expertise and resources of Petronas and BPT will ensure that this technology will deliver significant improvements in the economics of long-distance tieback projects both for current hydrocarbon developments, and future CO2 sequestration projects. We hope that this JIP will mark the start of a long and fruitful collaboration between Petronas and BPT as we work together to deliver the benefits of this technology”.

A representative from Petronas said, “We look forward for joint development and qualification of this technology to unlock our domestic and international deepwater tie-backs.”