Graphene Manufacturing Group commissions modular graphene production plant

Graphene Manufacturing Group Limited is pleased to announce the commissioning of its cutting-edge natural gas to graphene production plant in manufacturing facility at Richlands, Australia.

The facility is based on the GMG plasma technology with which the company’s existing production plant has been making graphene for over five years, however this new plant is built in a modular fashion which can allow more production units to be installed as the sales of the company’s products grows.

GMG expects to be able to install at least an additional 20 graphene production units in the Richlands manufacturing facility with most of the supporting infrastructure for these additional production units already installed as part of this initial project.

The details of the new modular Graphene Production Plant:

•              Technology is based on GMG’s self-developed plasma technology which splits natural gas into graphene and hydrogen gas.

•              The production plant’s automation allows for repeatable graphene quality, higher plant reliability and lower operator time.

•              The graphene production technology has been developed internally by GMG staff and continuously optimised over the past five years to be able to make the different graphene required for GMG’s end products – including THERMAL-XR® and G® LUBRICANT and Graphene Aluminium Ion Battery.

•              The company expects that graphene production from both its existing plant and this newly started up plant will be adequate for next year’s production.

•              The expected final cost of the facility is approximately AU $2.9 million – which also includes the infrastructure for other future modular production units.

•              More production units will be installed as required for the company’s sales.

•              The modular plant can be built in various locations around the world, for example in North America where natural gas cost is low and abundantly available, significantly reducing the cost of the graphene. At scale the GMG graphene production process will produce large amounts of hydrogen.

GMG’s Managing Director and CEO, Craig Nicol, commented: “We are very excited to have started up this new modular graphene manufacturing plant – it is a significant milestone for the company. It uses GMG’s self-developed cutting edge plasma technology which creates the high-quality graphene GMG’s end products need to deliver their astounding benefits.”