Mott Announces Eight-Figure Agreement with S-OIL

Mott Corporation, a global leader in filtration and flow control solutions, has announced a new eight-figure agreement with South Korean refinery S-OIL.  Mott and its Korean partner DL E&C are teaming up to provide critical filtration technology for S-OIL’s groundbreaking Shaheen project in Ulsan, South Korea.

This new partnership strengthens Mott’s position as one of the world’s top designers and manufacturers of filtration and flow control technology for a range of industries, including aerospace and defence, clean energy, healthcare, and petrochemical refining. Mott has delivered best-in-class engineering and technical services for customers in those industries and others for more than sixty years.

“This new partnership advances our strategy to apply our world class filtration and flow control technology to a variety of end markets,” said Patrick Hill, VP of Process Systems, Americas, at Mott. “We’re proud to partner with DL E&C to deliver this custom-engineered filtration system and play a part in the ambitious Shaheen project.”

The Shaheen project will produce chemicals including ethylene, one of the most widely used chemicals in the world, which enables production of everything from plastics to textiles. Mott’s advanced filter system removes fine particulates present in feeder streams for chemical conversion processes. The system is designed to run fully automated, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without shutdown.

“We appreciate this innovative partnership with Mott as we embark on this important project for S-OIL,” shared C.S. Kim, Vice President (Plant), Procurement at DL E&C. “Mott is uniquely capable of delivering the advanced filtration technology required for the Shaheen project.”

This announcement follows Mott’s acquisitions of Italian filtration supplier ASCO Filtri and Michigan-based water reclamation innovator Digested Organics. With the new partnership, Mott continues to diversify its business sectors and bolster its global network of partners and subsidiaries.

“Mott’s world-class filtration products will help enable the success of our Shaheen project, which will be one of the largest refinery-integrated steam crackers in the world,” added S-OIL. “We are thrilled to partner with Mott and DL E&C to meet increasing global demand for petrochemicals.”