Empowering offshore oil and gas connectivity for leading service provider HGIS in Malaysia

In the bustling offshore oil and gas industry of Malaysia, a leading service provider, HGIS, found themselves facing a pressing challenge. They serve remote offshore sites owned by leading energy operators, and their goal was to transmit crucial data from these sites to the mainland in a synchronised manner. This data was essential for monitoring operations, ensuring safety, and making informed decisions.

For some time, HGIS had been relying on L-band connectivity from another service provider. However, they began experiencing a series of problems that significantly hampered their operations. Data loss was a constant issue, often attributed to slow data speeds and limited coverage from their incumbent solution. This not only created disruptions but also led to substantial additional costs. Personnel had to be deployed offshore repeatedly to retrieve missing data, increasing the risk of incidents, and impacting staff welfare in the sensitive offshore environment, where even minor mishaps could turn catastrophic.

Recognising the gravity of the situation, HGIS reached out to Applied Satellite Technology (AST), a trusted expert in satellite communications with a strong presence in Asia. AST’s team in Asia not only possessed communication expertise but also had a deep understanding of field operations in similar environments.

AST collaborated closely with the customer to fully understand their requirements, the existing challenges, and the future opportunities they aimed to address. The remote sites’ locations, coverage needs, and the sensitivity of the data being transmitted were all considered. With this comprehensive understanding, AST designed a bespoke solution. It involved establishing direct point-to-point connections to the customer’s secure facilities, allowing the transmission of sensitive data to their end clients in a synchronised and secure manner. This solution not only resolved the data transmission issues but also provided the capability for additional data services and remotely monitored sensors, capitalising on the newly deployed high-bandwidth infrastructure.

Mr. Andre Haramugam, Head of Commercial Operations at HGIS said: “AST’s expertise and solution transformed our data transmission challenges in the Malaysian offshore sector, delivering secure, efficient connectivity and cost savings. Their exceptional support and scalable technology exceeded our expectations, ensuring our operational success and safety.”

One of the most remarkable outcomes of this collaboration was the significant cost savings achieved by the customer. Even when compared to the previous solution, which was not efficient or reliable and incurred additional expenses, AST’s solution proved to be not only effective but also cost-efficient. Throughout the journey, AST’s commitment to providing not just a robust solution but also exceptional support and service positively impacted the quality of the solution. The customer was thrilled with AST’s ability to not only address their immediate challenges but also support their long-term goals in ensuring seamless operations and safety in the demanding offshore oil and gas sector.

Sampaul Singh, Director at AST Asia commentED:”AST has exemplified our commitment to providing trusted connectivity solutions that empower our customers to effectively control their remote operations. The successful delivery of this project showcases our expertise, unwavering dedication to exceeding customer expectations and our passion for resolving complex connectivity challenges.”