Daphne Technology launches a US subsidiary in Houston, Texas to lead the charge in reducing methane

Daphne Technology is excited to announce the establishment of its new subsidiary, Daphne Technology USA, LLC.

This expansion into the United States comes with the appointment of a distinguished industry expert, Jamie Brick, who will spearhead our North American operations from the heart of the North American energy sector, Houston, Texas.

Methane emissions are a significant environmental concern, and with tightening US regulations, the commercial need to address this issue has never been more pressing. Daphne Technology has positioned itself at the forefront of the battle against methane emissions, and the establishment of Daphne Technology USA, LLC, is a pivotal step toward our mission of making a tangible impact on reducing methane pollution.

Daphne Technology’s core focus is the development of sustainable solutions to combat harmful emissions. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the company aims to significantly reduce harmful emissions, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. Our groundbreaking and proprietary technology is recognised as leading the charge to reduce emissions from difficult-to-abate sectors. 

Jamie Brick, the newly appointed leader of Daphne Technology USA, LLC, brings to the table an impressive track record of nearly 15 years in the gas industry. He is a recognised expert, having delivered keynote speeches at numerous industry conferences and authored several influential articles.

Prior to joining Daphne Technology, Jamie was at McKinsey & Company, where he played a crucial role in helping companies across the gas value chain develop decarbonisation strategies and provided invaluable transaction support to institutional investors in the energy sector. His journey in the industry began at Wood Mackenzie, where he eventually assumed the role of Principal Analyst, specialising in covering the North American gas sector.

As the ambassador of Daphne Technology in the United States, Jamie Brick’s responsibilities encompass a wide range of initiatives, including supporting our SulPure®H2S-to-AS demonstrator deployment, aiding in current fundraising efforts to tap into the approximately $65 billion in available US government support, identifying potential gas pipeline companies for a SlipPure™ field demonstration in North America, and leading the establishment of manufacturing operations within the United States.

Jamie Brick is enthusiastic about joining the Daphne Technology team and is optimistic about the significant opportunities that lie ahead in the North American market: “Not only is the market vast, with approximately 30,000 potential gas compressors, but environmental regulations are also becoming more stringent.

“The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) penalties for methane are set to increase to USD 1,500 PER TONNE in 2026. Reported methane emissions are also expected to surge as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revises its methodology for calculating slip, potentially resulting in 5-6 times higher reported methane slip emissions. Additionally, as an economic aftermarket solution with few director competitors, SlipPure™ offers US gas compressors a compelling value proposition, especially when you consider the original technology was initially developed for the more demanding marine environment.”

 Daphne Technology’s expansion into the United States, led by Jamie Brick, represents a significant step forward in the fight against methane emissions. The company’s groundbreaking solutions are ideally positioned to address the urgent need for methane reduction in the North American market, offering a sustainable path toward a greener and more environmentally conscious future.