15 state-of-the art pumps for Ukraine oil and gas production company

Wanner International has sold 15 pumps to Ukrainian oil and gas  production company, the Representative Office of Regal Petroleum Corporation Limited.

The Hydra-Cell Pros are being deployed in a wide range of environments, from -12oC to +45oC – and are pumping a wide range of fluids, from methanol, brine water, gas condensate and a corrosion inhibitor. They are carrying out a wide range of functions, from pumping almost 15m3 of brine water per hour at 241 bar through to dosing methanol at 200cl per hour.

These seal-less and packing-free pumps, have replaced various types of pumps from different manufacturers, including multistage centrifugal pumps, dosing and plunger pump. There is nothing like them on the market as the technology is unique.

The Hydra-Cells were chosen because of their much better reliability, only needing to be serviced once a year (once every two years for some applications), power savings – consumption reduced by 80% – and the most accurate metering and dosing solution in the market, due to extremely low pulsation.

Another technical advantage of the Wanner pump is diaphragm integrity and security, which is paramount for any process. With its unique and patented ADPC (Advanced Diaphragm Position Control), the Hydra-Cell Pro’s diaphragms are protected by careful management of the hydraulic liquid behind the diaphragm.

This ensures security of process even under the most abnormal inlet conditions, giving operators time to detect, address and rectify the cause of the abnormal condition without immediate pump failure or damage to equipment.

Another key reason for selecting the Hydra-Cell was local servicing and support. Wanner’s partner, Asco Ukraine, not only supplies equipment but also engages in designing and manufacturing components for production lines. They provide technical assistance during the design process for other organizations, handle installation and commissioning works, and offer a complete cycle of both warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

Paul Davis, Wanner International’s Managing Director commented: “We are always pleased to see our pumps installed, making our customers’ production more efficient. However, this is much more significant for companies operating in Ukraine such as the Representative Office of Regal Petroleum Corporation Limited , and we are pleased to be able to support the country’s energy generation under these very difficult circumstances.

“Combining best-in-class pump with best-in-class local service is an ideal solution, and we are looking forward to supporting Ukrainian industry across many areas.” 

Leonid Kantilovich, Asco Ukraine’s Project Leader, said: “With each new client who starts using these pumps, the persuasion process becomes easier. Thanks to the pumps’ reliability and the quality of local technical support, word about Hydra-Cell Pros spreads rapidly from person to person among industry specialists.”

Wanner designs and manufactures Hydra-Cell seal-less and packing-free, transfer, injection and metering & dosing pumps, helping customers around the world improve their processes by running safe, reliable and efficient pumping processes whilst lowering energy consumption, servicing and maintenance costs – lowering the total cost of ownership for a more sustainable future.