GD Energy Products’ 360 Inspection Program delivers on-site solutions for maximum performance in fracking applications

GD Energy Products (GDEP), the leading total solutions provider for the frac, drilling and well servicing market, provides reliability and efficiency with its complete 360 Inspection program for power ends in fracking applications.

The new 360 Inspection program offers a proactive approach to identifying and solving pump issues before they arise. GDEP can uncover underlying issues using advanced field-service analysis and perform the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently out in the field. The 360 Inspection program eliminates hours of paperwork and scheduling difficulties that often accompany on-site repairs. 

Michael Flores, service manager, GDEP, said: “Our premier 360 Inspection program stops pumping issues in its tracks. The program is fully customisable, giving customers a peace of mind with less downtime and predictive maintenance.”

GDEP’s expert field service technicians mobilise to the frac site along with customized kits, which include seals, gaskets and filters. The team utilises troubleshooting procedures to uncover any underlying issues. Within minutes, customers receive an in-depth report with inspection documents, photos and diagnosis. GDEP’s repair team is then ready to perform the necessary repairs on the spot, significantly lowering downtime.

Mr Flores said: “With the 360 Inspection program, customers can know exactly what is going on with their pump through our improved process and streamlined communication. Customers will receive pictures, timestamps, and geotag signatures to monitor the inspection and also reference any previous maintenance to the pump.”

Using a fully-equipped dashboard, GDEP can track power end maintenance cycles and monitor repairs. Backed with GDEP’s satisfaction guarantee, the company makes repairing pumps easy with its full range of 24/7 field service repairs, available for all GDEP and competitor pumps.