Vectur Energy Services leading the way with innovative integrity solutions for the energy industry

Every year, accidents and emissions at energy sites cause harm to the environment and millions of pounds in damage. Vectur Energy Services, a leading provider of asset integrity solutions, is at the forefront of the energy industry with their mission to streamline operations, safeguard the environment, and prioritise safety whilst leveraging over 35 years of industry experience.

 Vectur Energy brings expertise from both an energy company and service provider perspective to deliver the highest standard of integrity management across all areas of the energy sector. Prioritising their commitment to saving costs and ensuring health and safety is at the core of their values. As a provider of innovative emissions quantification and safety solutions for the sector, they are tackling emerging emission, integrity and safety challenges through unmatched innovation in this field.

By offering Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) solutions, Vectur Energy enables companies to cut operating expenses while mitigating uncontrolled emissions. These solutions are unparalleled in detecting, quantifying, and minimising emissions stemming from energy production.

Unmanned industrial sites are on the rise due to their cost-reduction potential and enhanced efficiency. However advantageous these sites may be, they also present several safety risks as there is no human presence available to detect and respond quickly to hazards. To address these challenges efficiently, 24/7 monitoring is put in place by Vectur Energy’s innovative systems which are designed specifically for this purpose.

These systems provide invaluable support towards ensuring the security of unmanned sites by rapidly identifying potential hazards such as gas leaks, hot spots and flames. Their use not only prevents accidents but also reduces costs while boosting overall effectiveness. It also reduces the carbon footprint of operations in mobilising personnel to on/offshore facilities and subsequent personnel accidents or injuries.

Christopher Mawtus holds over 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. As Vectur Energy’s’ Non-Executive Director his expertise spans across major oil and gas companies as well as his establishment of Unity – a well-integrity company with an extensive technology portfolio. Christophers’ wealth of knowledge, combined with his in-depth understanding of operational and infrastructural aspects within the field, will help to contribute towards Vectur Energy’s ongoing success.

 Tim Gardiner, the founder of Vectur Energy, spent several years living and working in Iraq. His expertise of 25 years within the oil, gas and renewables sectors places Vectur Energy in a uniquely advantageous position to partner with developers to support on their challenges as well as opportunities within the sector.

With a strategic presence in Iraq, Vectur Energy has positioned itself as a global company that plays an integral role within the oil and gas industry. Tailored to offer efficient support not only within Iraq, but beyond its borders.

Reflecting its commitment towards environmental responsibility, Vectur Energy is expanding its expertise to the offshore wind sector. They are leading efforts aimed at mitigating SF6 leaks due to its powerful status as a greenhouse gas that possesses 23,500 times more impact than CO2.

Vectur Energy’s range of cameras offers innovative technological enhancements that ensure error-free performance within uncooled infrared detection settings. Significantly contributing towards a reduction in carbon footprints, SF6 emissions, man hours, and HSE incidents through their continuous monitoring capabilities that operate around the clock for assets containing SF6 and refrigerated gas leaks.

Vectur Energy carries out hydrocarbon emissions surveys which effectively measure and identify leak issues whilst simultaneously offering LDAR solutions to address environmental concerns.

Acknowledging the undeniable support they can offer within the nuclear sector, drawing on the experience from the hydrocarbon industry, Vectur Energy provides high-pressure pumping and testing capabilities reaching up to 15,000 psi, utility development support and asset integrity testing.

The dedication displayed by Vectur Energy towards maintaining integrity management excellence further solidifies their position as industry frontrunners. This coupled with their innovative efforts along with unwavering commitment towards sustainability establishes them as catalysts for redefining energy landscapes while paving the way towards a better future that emphasises safety efficiency alongside environmental preservation.

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