Roxtec seals simplify energy transition projects

Many oil and gas companies upgrade their operations to reduce their carbon footprint. When adding units for hydrogen, carbon capture and biofuels, they want the same safety and quality as for their oil and gas facilities, plus sealing expertise within energy transition projects. That is why they continue with cable and pipe seal provider Roxtec.  

“Our products may be very small components in large capital projects, however they play an important role for the safety of the staff and the surroundings. They are ideal as standard solutions for any operation handling explosive and flammable gases,” said Marcus Karlsson, EVP Global Products at Roxtec.

Roxtec has a long history as a technical advisor and provider of cable and pipe transits for the oil and gas sector. For decades, global giants and EPC firms have relied on Roxtec seals for protection against multiple hazards, such as fire, gas, water ingress, and the risk of explosion.

“Our greatest contribution to a sustainable world is our ability to help industries with very high demands secure operations and avoid accidents and catastrophes,” Mr Karlsson said.

The high ambition has made Roxtec a sealing expert with extensive experience within energy transition. Roxtec seals are used in hydrocracking units, electrolysers and biofuel plants handling renewable natural gas, methane steam and dairy manure as well as in e-fuel production facilities and carbon capture units. They secure green hydrogen generation plants attached to ammonia and fertilizer plants.

“There are hundreds of ongoing projects, and we get requests all the time,” said Mike Sosbe, US Capital Projects Manager Process Industries of Roxtec. “The firms know us and see us as their sealing experts. They count on us for engineering statements and explanations on what they need in different classified areas.”

In large projects there are kilometers of cable that penetrate walls, floors, cabinets, enclosures, and equipment and that need to be properly sealed. Roxtec seals are installed around cables and pipes in buildings, containers and cabinets providing approved solutions for hazardous locations.

Roxtec is the global leader in modular-based sealing solutions for cable and pipe transits. The seals provide certified protection against multiple risks and make a difference in demanding industries and challenging projects worldwide. The Roxtec invention for flexibility, Multidiameter™, is based on sealing modules with removable layers and ensures perfect tightness around cables and pipes of different sizes. Roxtec serves and supports customers in more than 80 markets with smart sealing solutions, digital tools and transit safety inspections.

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