John White - Managing Director

Wonderful websites and enlightening events

Managing Director John White looks at the importance of events, shows and exhibitions.

Welcome dear reader to your latest edition of Inside Oil & Gas. To accompany this edition, we will soon be promoting a new-look website which I hope you will find more user friendly and full of news that covers a wide variety of sectors within the multifaceted oil and gas industry.

Based on your feedback and suggestions, we have worked hard to make sure that the website will be of benefit to you by showcasing your marketing campaigns and promotional ideas. It will also include the latest news, views, tweets and much more for you to have a look at. Please feel free to send your news to our editorial team who will be pleased to consider it for uploading onto the homepage.

The new-look website will also make more room for some of our media partnerships and will afford you a more in-depth insight into what events are happening, where and when.

Like its sister titles, Inside Marine and Inside Industry, Inside Oil & Gas enjoys some excellent relationships and official media partnerships with major event organisers. We do enjoy a good event and you can often find members of my team wandering around the vast halls and between stands meeting up with old friends and new. You might also have seen copies of our magazines in the press booths. An example of this is ADIPEC 2017, which we are proud to be partnering for the fourth year running.

Unfortunately, we cannot attend all of the events we partner (my staff would love to but I’d have nobody to keep me company in the office) but we do our best to have some form of presence and of course are very happy to help the organisers promote the event to our magazine readers, social media followers and website viewers.

Whilst I’m on the subject of events, if you feel that there is one that you would like to recommend, and indeed would like to see previewed/reviewed within Inside Oil & Gas, then do let us know. You will see a list of our media partnerships and upcoming event banners on our website, so this will give you an idea of where we already have a presence for the remainder of 2017 and early 2018. So why do we like to attend these events? Well it gives some of my team the chance to escape the office for a few days and have a bit of a jolly, at my expense, in far off lands!

I don’t mind them doing this because they also work very hard whilst at an event as they race around trying to meet up with some of our exhibiting customers. Some will have invited us to their stand to conduct an interview and a quick photoshoot for an upcoming article in one of our magazines, but more often than not, it is just for a good chat and to share a drink.

It also gives us the chance to meet some new customers and put names to faces. The feedback we receive would also suggest that you like to see us there as it gives you the opportunity (when your stand is less busy) to discuss some new marketing ideas or grab from us an early copy of the latest edition of the magazine. My team return to the office, exhausted but content and often with a bag full of interesting mementos of their latest escapades abroad. Their work is not yet done though as they spend the next few weeks honouring commitments to customers from meetings they’ve had with them at the event.

I’ll leave you now to enjoy the rest of this edition and maybe you will also find time to glance at the new website – which should be live before the year ends – and offer us some feedback on it. I must go, as according to my heads of editorial and marketing, they have apparently been invited to yet another event in some far off exotic location (what a surprise) and wish to discuss with me their preferred hotels and cocktail budget allowance!