John White - Managing Director

Absent in body, not in mind

Managing Director John White may be sunning himself on exotic shores, but that doesn’t stop the emails pinging in… nor his urge to respond to them.

Welcome dear reader to your latest edition of Inside Oil & Gas. Usually I pen these little introductions from my office, and whilst that setting should result in me knuckling down and hitting my word count in no time, more often than not, I can barely get a sentence or two down on the screen without a knock on the door, an incoming phone call or an important email popping into my inbox to interrupt my flow.

But as I sit down to type this, the only interruption I expect to encounter is when the waiter brings over my gin and tonic to the sun lounger I am currently relaxing on. For like many of you at this time of year, I am enjoying a holiday to recharge my batteries and enjoy a little downtime. But the fact that I am the only one around the pool typing away on a laptop signifies one thing (well, two if you consider I should have written this before I left!); it highlights that the work never stops, and in the oil and gas industry, that is arguably truer than any other industry on the planet.

In an industry as cost-driven and time critical as oil and gas is, decisions and the supply of manpower and/or equipment need to happen ASAP. Delays of just a day, or in some cases a mere few hours, can cost mind-boggling sums of money. So perhaps me typing this on my jollies is my very small homage to the many companies that make up the oil and gas service industry – an area of our world that must be on the other end of phone call after just a few rings, and be prepared to send experienced personnel on the next flight out of town.

So whilst this magazine is, like always, jam-packed with an array of successful companies advertising their latest technologies, announcing their latest joint venture or revealing their upcoming growth and investment strategies, I kindly ask you to reflect on the people behind the logos for a moment.

For I’m sure there is not a reader amongst this magazine’s core and growing readership of oil and gas leaders and professionals that hasn’t had to make personal sacrifices for the sake of their company and career at the drop of a sunhat. It is the nature of the beast; a beast I, like I’m sure you do too, hope is soon to re-emerge from its slumber and become the impressive and powerful global goliath it was just a few years ago.

And here’s the waiter now. So just before I save and send these few words and hopefully close the lid on my laptop for a couple of hours at least, all there is left for me to do is to wish you an enjoyable read. Chin-chin!