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Boskalis acquires logistical management, transport and installation contracts

Royal Boskalis Westminster NV, a leading global services provider operating in the dredging, maritime infrastructure and maritime services sectors, has acquired a sizable logistical management transport contract.

The company has also received a letter of award for the transport and float-over installation of an offshore platform with a combined contract value of approximately $65 million.

The logistical management contract scope is for the transportation of a large number of modules from a fabrication yard in Asia to a plant being developed in North America. The contract ties up two high-end open-stern heavy transport vessels for approximately 475 vessel days each commencing late 2019.

Boskalis furthermore received a letter of award from Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Sdn Bhd for the transportation and float-over installation of a topside for the Bokor Central Processing Platform Phase 3 redevelopment project in Malaysia. The topside will be constructed by their yard in Malaysia and will be skidded onto an open-stern heavy transport vessel. For the purpose of this project, an existing vessel will be modified and become dynamic positioning (DP2) compliant allowing it to work in close proximity to offshore structures. The project is due to be executed in 2020.

Boskalis' strategy is aimed at benefitting from key macro-economic factors which drive worldwide demand in our markets: expansion of the global economy, increase in energy consumption, global population growth and the challenges that go hand in hand with climate change. These contracts emphasise the need for infrastructure to accommodate the continued demand for energy.