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Hyundai XTeer Ultra Series meets API SN Plus

Hyundai Oilbank Company has announced Hyundai XTeer Ultra engine oil has met new motor oil specification API SN Plus.

Designed for high performance in the latest engine hardware, Hyundai XTeer Ultra, is the first oil in Korea to meet API SN Plus and protect Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines from Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) and timing chain wear.

Increasingly stringent fuel economy and emissions standards around the globe has driven the development of smaller, more fuel-efficient, GDI engines. GDI engines run at high sustained temperatures and pressures which cause oil viscosity to increase, efficiency to decrease and wear to accelerate. Over time this could lead to engine failure from advanced timing chain wear or low-speed pre-ignition.

Higher performing lubricants that eliminate these issues are given the API SN Plus designation.

The Hyundai XTeer Ultra engine oil series has the cleaning, antiwear and oxidation properties specifically required in GDI engines, earning the product API SN Plus credentials for LSPI protection.

Mr Kwang-hee, Hur, Head of Lubricant Business Department for Hyundai Oilbank says: “Our Hyundai XTeer Ultra lubricants feature advanced 25 SSI shear stability technology to create a strong oil film that protects critical hardware and minimises power loss during severe GDI operating conditions.

“We are proud to include this technology across all Hyundai XTeer Ultra products and offer the Korean market SN PLUS protection for GDI engines.”